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Computer crash

So, my computer will not boot up. After some testing, I’m pretty sure I’ve narrowed it down to either the motherboard or the power supply. I’m not going to say I’m 100% certain though yet. The sucker will boot up, it sees my 2 SATA drives, then suddenly it won’t and the next time I boot up, doesn’t see the drives at all. Tried switching SATA ports, didn’t help. So this could put a little dent on my finances. The thing is that I can afford to replace just one of the parts, just have to find out which one is faulty.

Add into it, I have to get one of my fog lights fixed on my car before I get my car licensed again in August. There’s not any body damage, the light just popped out so I’m hoping that it will be low cost. May post more later.

PS – A big thank you to those commenting on here. I appreciate the feedback.


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One of the things that has frustrated after graduating college a few years ago, is discovering that for my field (Information Technology), it would probably have benefited just as much if not more to have just gotten several certifications instead of going to college for 4 years.  Would have been considerably cheaper as well. Despite that, I don’t regret going to college. I think going away to college is probably one of the best things for a person. You’re removedd from your comfort zone and slowly become the person that you’re going to be. Staying at home doesn’t give quite the same feeling, as the only thing that has changed is where you go to school. Doesn’t allow for a lot of the personal growth that occurs outside that comfort zone of the home.

Back to the certifications. After doing some research into standard job responsibilities for different positions in IT, I’ve settled at this point on Systems Administrator. It includes a lot of the things that I truly enjoy about IT, without a lot of the annoyances that I endure now. For those that have never done technical support over the phone, here’s my advice: Don’t. While I have the ability to understand issues and also manage to convey how to fix them to someone who is clueless about computers, the stress level is just insane. Something about not being able to see the other person gives these people calling in for YOUR help the courage to totally blame you for anything they did to their system. Ok /rant off.

So in order to go for the job I want, I plan on getting my MCSE over the course of the next year. Systems Administrator jobs pretty much all seem to list that certification as a requirement.

So there’s one goal: obtain MCSE within one year.

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