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Book ordered

So, while my computer is still down while I am waiting for replacement RAM to get here, I HAVE ordered my study kit for the first exam in my MCSE track. It should arrive by July 17th, so I’m a little anxious for it to get here so I can start. I want the first exam to be completed by September at the latest so I can start on the next one.

One piece of good news though: I thought one of my computers was fried so it’s been sitting in the closet until I felt like fixing it. Due to my predicament with my main computer down, I logged it out of the closet and booted it up. It ended up that the BIOS was just setting my clock speed wrong. I went in and corrected that and now it seems to be working fine, so I have something to work with till my main PC is back up and running. It also gives me a test machine I can use in my studying for the MCSE, which is another nice bonus.


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